Hey, my name is Alex and this is my piece of the internet's real estate.

I am a freelance marketer and content creator working with people all around the world from the sunny country of Spain.

My story in bullets

  • I was born in Mallorca, an island located on Spain's eastern coast.
  • Grew up there, developed an early interest in multimedia stuff (TV shows, movies, videogames, etc).
  • Played violin from 5 to 11. Discovered basketball at 11 and dropped music school.
  • Moved to Valencia (Gandía) for college. Studied Audiovisual Communication.
  • Went on exchange to Finland, where I lived for 1 year.
  • There, I worked on a game development program where I managed marketing and communications.
  • Yes, it was very cold. Yes, I did meet Santa Claus. No, I can't make him give you more presents this year.
  • Moved back to Spain, specifically to Madrid to study a Masters in Advertising and Communication.
  • Started working as a Community Manager for a smaller agency.
  • Moved to a bigger one, where I transitioned from Community Manager to Digital Account Manager.
  • Worked with all types of clients, from big corporations like Amazon to small creators with less than 1,000 subscribers.
  • In early 2020, moved to VICE MEDIA to work on their advertising vertical.
  • Pandemic comes, bosses decided to close the regional office and I get fired.
  • I decide to start my own thing: log back in on Twitter and start to grow a personal brand.
  • Sign my first clients as a freelancer while I continue producing content, making products, and living life.
  • This leads to now, to you reading this bullet lists which is magically updated every time something eventful happens. :)

What am I working on

Things I am interested in

  • Social Media: how people and brands use it to communicate.
  • Content: the different formats on how stories are told.
  • Strategy: how good planning leads to great results.
  • Reading, YouTube and podcasting: my three favorite ways of information consumption.
  • No code: super intrigued about whether there're limits or not on this new trend.

Podcast appearances & talks

Starting Now with Jeff Sarris

Storytella workshop with Kristian Michail

Some random things about me

  • I am a gamer. I own a PS4 (soon a PS5) and a Nintendo Switch.
  • Big sports fan, especially football (soccer) and the NBA.
  • My favorite teams are FC Barcelona and the Phoenix Suns (no particular reason).
  • I love eating. If I could have a superpower would be to eat everything I want without getting fat.
  • My favorite youtube channels: Casey Neistat and Yes Theory.

Say hi!

I love connecting with new people.

If you want to ask about my experience, discuss any topic, work together, or just say hi, you can reach me here: